Our units for conservation and display of pralines and chocolate stand out for their functional and elegant design that recalls the look of our wine cellars. These chocolate units feature a vertical display setup to maximise capacity while saving space.
The Salumeria line features a central refrigeration system that keeps the two inner compartments separate for storage of cured meats and cheese. Their clean and elegant design enhances your products, while keeping them at appropriate service conditions.
Our Gastronomia models for cold dishes impress with their display setup and clean looks. Their vertical display makes them spacious and easy to use, perfect for presenting appetisers, desserts, sides and cold dishes.
Our range of traditional counter displays – warm and neutral – designed for presentation and service of croissants and other pastry products.
Refrigerated showcases with eutectic plates designed and manufactured for use in buffet services are often used for the display and service of desserts in traditional restaurants.
An item with an attractive and modern design, created to display your bottles in a more practical and neat way. The LED lighting system on each shelf gives great visibility to your labels and a unique visual effect.