Wine Coolers

Modular system for displaying, storing and serving your wine. Adding one or more cold dishes, cured meats/cheese, or chocolate modules makes for a practical, elegant, and remarkable area for your wine and food display.
Design and technology combined to create the first refrigerated frame in the world. A greatly innovative article with sophisticated design that will make any location special.
Teca is sober but elegant, deliberately minimal and essential. The bottles are part of a scene where the trademark horizontal display enhances value and beauty. It is an object with a unique design intended to give a unique feel to any location.
Built-in version of the Teca model. Teca B is easy to install in recesses or unused spaces. The frame is mounted with a snap-on system, making it easy to replace for any technical or commercial need.
Modular system. Joining modules together while keeping the harmony of a single piece is the solution to create an elegant display even in rooms with reduced space. The broad range of available magnetic covers from our collection makes for easy customization.
With type “D” modules it is possible to create either a counter-like solution using our FIT cladding, or a suspended composition using our frames. To realize an elegant enogastronomic display in addition to bottle units it is possible to add also neutral units, delicatessen and gastronomy ones.