Expo srl wine chiller cabinet: a star is born

Expo srl started its project thanks to a successful idea of its owner who decided to combine the most advanced technology in the field of wine chiller cabinets with a unique design that can give prestige to your restaurant, bar or cellar. Of course it is all Made in Italy. 

This idea was born from the experience of the CEO of Expo srl as sommelier in order to give visibility to fine wines and to attract clients' attention and interest on a wine cabinet that is in all and for all a designer piece of furniture that restaurants', bars' and cellars' owner can proudly show at their places. 
Expo srl is an all-Italian excellence that is recognized all around the world for its style, design and prestige. Everything has been studied to fit even the most elegant and exclusive places, and if you are looking for a way to impress your guests and boost the luxurious atmosphere at your place, then you need to have a look at Expo srl's wine chiller cabinet Teca Vino.

Wine chiller cabinet Teca Vino

 Teca Vino features glass walls on all sides in order to give more visibility to your fine wines. It is a stylish way to show and promote your special collection of wines, and also sell more bottles. You can use it as a partition wall, in the middle of a room or as an elegant piece of furniture that will enhance the value of your place as well as give contemporaneity to the premises where it is exposed. 

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