Wine cooler: the best way to preserve your wine

Are you looking for a modern wine cooler? Then don't miss the products manufactured by Expò SRL, read the text below to know more about these amazing machines.

Storage is a key factor for those wines destined to long term aging. Even though most wine gets consumed within 24 hours after being purchased, often fine wines will face a long term storage. Wine can improve its characteristics with age, but it is also subject to a rapid deterioration, if the storage conditions are inadequate.

The key factors impacting on wine's condition are:
  • humidity;
  • temperature;
  • light;
  • security (this should be considered for expensive wines).
Nowadays home based wine cellars equipped with wine cooler are becoming more and more popular. If you are the owner of a restaurant, pizzeria or wine bar, you perfectly know that storing the wine the correct way is as much important as keeping it on good display. Expò SRL can help you winning this double challenge, thanks to its long experience in the production of technologically advanced and aesthetically attractive wine cooler.

wine cooler

No doubt the product that originated the whole wine cooler line is "Cornice vino", which quickly became an instant classic. The same cooling system, patented by Expò SRL (a cooling coil placed at the centre of the window) is used in the "Parete vino", suitable to store and display a large quantity of bottles.

Both solutions fit any environment with their simple, minimalist but yet elegant design, offering an exclusive way to keep your bottles stored at the perfect climatic conditions and in sight, ready to tempt your customers. Put your wine bottles on display with style and elegance: the wine cooler manufactured by Expò SRL are the perfect companion of your beloved wines.

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