Expo srl, luxury wine coolers and storage

A piece of contemporary art

A wine cooler is an all-important piece of furniture for bars, restaurants and cellars. It is a distinctive sign of expertise and knowledge of wine culture, and the owner of Expo srl knows it very well, since he is a sommelier himself. His love and passion for fine wine led him to the idea of a wine storage of exquisite and high end finishings, a piece of design that can be shown like a piece of art and can add a more valuable and contemporary touch to the places where it is exposed.

Luxury Made in Italy

Its products are all Made in Italy, the whole project, from design to technology, has been conceived by Expo srl and it is a worldwide recognized benchmark for its originality and style. 
The international luxury market is home for Expo srl products: the best restaurants, bars and cellars have seen the elegance of these products and recognized the importance of having a real work of art where to expose their best wines, because they catch people's eye and give prestige to their places. 
And if you love wine and design and you also love to surround yourself with luxury, Expo srl has created a special wine cooler where you can store your personal collection of fine wine and at the same time enjoy the look of an elegant piece of design that matches your tastes: Quadro Vino.

Wine Storage Quadro Vino

Quadro Vino is anything but an ordinary wine cooler: it is a piece of art that can be hung on the walls of your house; it has been designed to fit even the smallest spaces thanks to its reduced depth, and by choosing the combination of structure, frame and panel among a variety of components you can create endless looks.
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