Refrigerated wine cabinets: interesting options

Wine storage industry has grown stronger since the end of last century, although many wine connoisseurs now are choosing their homes and dedicated rooms to store their wines. Other options are to purchase the services of off-site facilities, specifically designed for the purpose of wine storage, or to use refrigerated wine cabinets.
Temperature variations, especially frequent ones, will cause the wine to develop prematurely: that is why wine cellars are equipped with temperature control systems: to prevent wine oxidation due to the corks expanding and contracting because of such temperature variations.

Expo srl's products offer

The refrigerated wine cabinets manufactured by Expo srl play a double function: they are an elegant element of the furniture and allow correct wine storage.
Expo srl's wide range of refrigerated wine cabinets, manufactured in different sizes and styles, have been designed to create a product that will meet your individual needs, matching Expo srl's patented technology with a unique design originating from your personal indications.
Expo srl has designed and patented a special central cooling system that allows refrigerated wine cabinets to have glass walls on all sides and therefore to give your most prestigious wines the visibility they deserve, such as in Teca Vino.

Another great idea from Expo srl's designers is a refrigerated wine cabinet to he hung on a wall like a picture. This is the case of Quadro Vino, which has already been chosen by some of the most popular restaurants all over the world.
Design and technology have always been the centre of Expo srl's production, because they want their products to be practical and also modern and unique. 
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