refrigerated wine cabinets: interesting options

Are you searching the market for reliable refrigerated wine cabinets? The long experience of Expò SRL may be of help, go on reading the following text to learn very interesting info about its products.

Wine storage industry grew strong since the end of last century, although many wine connoisseurs choose their home and dedicated rooms to store their wines. Another option is purchasing the services of off-site facilities, specifically designed for the purpose of wine storage, or using refrigerated wine cabinets.

Temperature variations, especially frequent ones, will cause the wine to develop prematurely: that's why wine cellars are equipped with temperature control systems, in order to prevent wine oxidation due to the corks expanding and contracting, caused by such temperature variations.

The refrigerated wine cabinets manufactured by Expò SRL carry out a double function: being an elegant element of the furniture and allowing correct wine storage. They are the perfect solution for all the customers looking for products with the following features:
  • convenience;
  • high quality;
  • resistance;
  • visual appeal.
In Expò SRL's catalogue you will find a wide range of refrigerated wine cabinets, manufactured in different sizes and styles: if you need a custom solution, you just have to contact our staff. They will be happy to provide you with all the information you need, and they will assist you in the process of creating a product that will meet your individual needs, matching Expò SRL's patented technology with a unique design originating from your personal indications.

Now you know why Expò SRL is the perfect partner for your business: becoming the market leader of refrigerated wine cabinets is a tough challenge that Expò SRL has already won.

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