Refrigerated wine cellars: choose the excellence

A refrigerated wine cellar is a place where you can store your fine wines to preserve them and to keep them ready for your most precious moments. Having a refrigerated wine cellar indicates that your passion for wine is genuine and you always want to improve the quality of your collection.

In fact, a wine cellar is not only for restaurants or bars to have, but nowadays also collectors, sommeliers, wine connoisseurs and any wine lover may afford to have a wine cellar at their place.

Why to choose Expo srl

Expo srl has a wide experience about refrigerated wine cellars and knows exactly what you need to display your bottles of wine and keep them at a cool temperature. For your restaurant or your wine bar, for example: locations where your products have to be visible, so that the customers can see them and choose them, but they also need to be kept cool and fresh, in order to prevent them from losing taste, quality and, in other words, value.
So if you want to: 
  • present your wines in the best possible way;
  • learn more about refrigerated wine cellars;
  • add a beautiful piece of furniture to your restaurant;
  • help your business become a better, more interesting place;7
  • improve the way you keep your precious bottles;
  • be smart and modern...
... then Expo is the answer to your needs, a world-wide renowned manufacturing company that is the centre of attention at every fairs and expositions thanks to its great, innovative style. 

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